Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015
by Mike Newell

Age 8+
Fiction / UK, Ireland / 1992 / 1h37
Production : Channel Four Films, Little Bird, Majestic Films International, Miramax Films et Parallel Film Productions
Distribution : Diaphana Films
Script : Jim Sheridan
Interpretation : Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Ciarán Fitzgerald
Photography : Newton Thomas Sigel
Editing : Peter Boyle
Music : Patrick Doyle

One day, Ossie and Tito, the sons of an Irish drunken nomadic who is now sedentary, see their grandfather Ward come back. He is followed by a beautiful white horse. They adopt the animal, but a crooked stud owner steals it from them. The horse escapes with its two friends, chased by their father and the police.

Mike Newell

Mike Newell was born in 1942 in St. Albans, England. He graduated in English from Cambridge University. After directing series and TV films as of 1968, he turned to cinema with The Awakening (1980), Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987) and Into the West (1992), among others. After giving Miranda Richardson the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for his Enchanted April (1992), he was still on the road to success with Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994), launching Hugh Grant’s career. Driven by his international popularity, Newell went to Hollywood to make Donnie Brasco (1997) – star- ring Al Pacino and Johnny Depp –, Mona Lisa Smile (2003) – starring Julia Roberts –, before starting to work on the fourth part of the magical saga, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005). In 2008, he adapted the same name video game Prince of Persia : The Sands of Time.


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