Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2019

La Boîte à malice

Duration programme : 38 min
Koji Yamamura / Animation / Japan


The funny adventures of mischievous little heroes, carried by the prolific imagination of Japanese director Koji Yamamura.

Une Maison (Ouchi)
1993 / 4 min / sans dialogues
Looking for shelter, two birds, Karo and Piyobuputo, discover an old tree.

Les Sandwiches (Sandoicchi)
1993 / 4 min / sans dialogues
Once settled in their new home, our little heroes make themselves sandwiches for a picnic.

Imagination (Ame No Hi)
1993 / 4 min / sans dialogues
Karo tells Piyobuputo he saw a flying fish… Piyobuputo bursts out laughing and decides to take his friend on an imaginary world tour.

Kipling Junior
1995 / 15 min / VO
Kipling Junior goes to a concert in the city with his insect friends. Was it really a good idea?

Quel est ton choix ? (Dottiini Suru?)
1999 / 10 min / VO
Raoul the alligator is complaining about his teeth, and he needs a new haircut. He faces a daunting choice: should he go to the barber, or the dentist?


Mer 13/02 9h30 : Le Perreux, CdBM
Mer 13/02 14h : Saint-Maur, Le Lido
Mar 19/02 10h15 : Champigny, Studio 66
Mar 19/02 11h : Villejuif, Théâtre R. Rolland
Ven 22/02 10h30 : Villejuif, MTP G. Philipe
Mer 26/02 15h15 : Saint-Maur, Le Lido


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