Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

Age 8+ / 50 min

This programme was made by pupils of Gentilly, as part of a programming workshop in partnership with Cinéma Public and Cultural Service in Gentilly. It is an answer to "Our Dreams Have no Limit", created in 2013 by young Palestinians from East Jerusalem. Two of them had come to show it to the students in 2014 at Ciné Junior. The drawings and film synopses were made by the participants of the workshop.

Portraits de voyages, Norouz - Le Nouvel An Iranien
Bastien Dubois / Animation / France / 2013 / 3 min / French Version
The director and his Iranian friend meet again. The latter invites him to come at her place and tells him about the family traditions of the Iranian New Year.

Be Quiet
Sameh M. Zoabi / Fiction / France / 2005 / 19 min / VOSTF
A child and his father come back from a funeral in Palestine. On their way home, they are arrested by militaries who search the child’s bag. They find nothing, so the child and his father go on.

Christophe Gautry and Mathieu Brisebas / Animation / France / 2012 / 8 min / silent film
In Tokyo, a passenger is looking at passers-by and suddenly feels dizzy. He explores the city in an unusual way.

Portraits de voyages, Moscou - A la recherche de Laïka
Bastien Dubois / Animation / France / 2013 / 3 min / French Version
While exploring Moscow, the director meets a French speaking woman who is willing to be his guide in the underground.

En chemin
Mikhaïl Kobakhidze / Fiction / France / 2002 / 12 min / silent film
A man suddenly arrives from the sea and washes up on a beach. He imagines his suitcases flying. The dream becomes reality...

Joanna Lurie / Animation / France / 2012 / 3 min / silent film
A beautiful love story between two soap bubbles who meet on a wall. A love journey on a jazz melody.


Portraits de voyages
Sacrebleu Productions
Capucine Millien
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Be Quiet
Meroe Films
Emanuela Righi
+33 1 47 40 27 00
contact chez meroefilms.fr

Vertige et En chemin
L’Agence du court métrage
Elsa Masson
01 44 69 26 60
e.masson chez agencecm.com

Lardux Films
Christian Pfohl
+33 1 48 59 41 88
lardux chez lardux.com