Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2020


Morris Engel, Ray Asheley & Ruth Orkin / USA / 1953 / 1h 20m
In 1950s Brooklyn, while his mother is away, Lennie - who had planned to spend the weekend with friends - has been told to sit his 7-year-old brother, Joey. To get out of this duty he plays a trick on the child, simulating a gun accident. Convinced he has caused the death of his brother, Joey flees to Coney Island, a huge New York beach full of rides and fun.
This film, one of the jewels of American realistic cinema, paints a beautiful portrait of childhood.

27.01.2020, 10:00 : Vitry, 3 Cinés Robespierre
27.01.2020, 14:00 : Magny, Maison de l’environnement
04.02.2020, 14:15 : Champigny, Studio 66
04.02.2020, 14:00 : Choisy, Le Cinéma

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