Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

6+ / 46 min

In order to travel to distant lands, nothing is better than these three snowy tales that will transport the audience from the sea ice of the North Pole to the high mountains of the Himalayas !

Camillelvis Théry / Animation / France / 2008 / 9 min / silent film
On the last polar day, on the singing ice, the little Inuk man and the mischievous bear see their white world turn into an ocean black whale with big eyes.

Dwarf Giant (Nain géant)
Fabienne Giezendanner / Animation / France, Switzerland / 2014 / 11 min / silent film
Little Snow, a young Inuit girl, tries to capture a bird of the depths which, according to tradition, can open the door to adulthood.

The King of the Mists Forest (Le Roi de la Forêt des Brumes)
Lost and isolated in the Himalayas, young Ashley Anderson is eventually rescued by a tribe of yetis...


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Dwarf Giant (Nain géant)
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The King of the Mists Forest (Le Roi de la Forêt des Brumes)
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