Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015
by Don Bluth

Age 5+
Animation / United States / 1988 / 1h17 / VF
Distribution : Splendor Films
Production : Universal Pictures et Sullivan Bluth Studios
Script : Stu Krieger
Artistic Direction : Don Bluth, Dan Kuenster et Larry Leker
Editing : John K. Carr et Dan Molina
Music : James Horner

Littlefoot, a little dinosaur of the "long necks" family, gets separated from his parents after an earthquake. So he starts looking for them with other reptiles, and a vast journey begins: finding the green Valley of Wonders.

Don Bluth

Don Bluth was born in 1937 in El Paso, United States. He discovered himself a passion for drawing as he watched the animated film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs at the age of six. In 1956, he was hired as a tweener at the Disney Studios while pursuing his English literary studies. After working as an animator, for instance on The Rescuers (1977), he was promoted to producer and director two years later. At that same time, he worked with two other Disney animators, Gary Goldman and John Pomeroy, on the short Banjo The Woodpile Cat , which received numerous awards. All three then left Disney to create their own company, Don Bluth Productions, with the idea of reviving "Disney spirit," which was less and less present in the studios’ animated films. In 1982, The Secret of NIMH was critically acclaimed. In 1986, Don Bluth implanted his studio in Ireland, which became the biggest animation facility in Europe. In 1988, he directed The Land Before Time, which became a cult classic. In 1996, Bluth and Goldman joined the Phoenix Fox Studios as producers and directors and triumphed with Anastasia.


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