Festival Ciné Junior : Édition 2015

Age 3+ / 33 min
Come and listen to the resonant little music of the words – whether they are sung, read, written or told ! Their catchy refrain will tell you some wonderful stories that were changed into words and images by talented filmmakers and children’s book illustrators.

Trois Petits chats
Guy Delisle / Animation / France / 2 min / 1993
“Trois petits chats, chapeau de paille, paillasson...” The words and the drawings follow one another happily on the catchy tune of the famous refrain.

Le Noyau de mangue
Hélène Ducrocq / Animation / France / 4 min / 2008
The hare’s daughter is so pretty... Which suitor is she going to choose ? A colourful and poetic African tale, in which shapes and words come together, whether read or written.

Betty Bone / Animation / France / 7 min / 2006
The book opens. Where on earth is Dudu ? She and her red dress vanished in the city. Her two sisters start looking for her : there, on the road, up here, in a tree, something red ! “It wasn’t Dudu...” A colourful walk punctuated by the little music of its words.

La Promenade d’un distrait
Béatrice Alemagna / Animation / France / 7 min / 2005
A walk leads to another. When Giovanni asks his mom if he can go for a walk, she makes him a thousand recommendations because he is always very absent-minded, so absent-minded that he forgets he is absent-minded ! But “all children are like that,” the voice of wisdom repeats.

Mille-Pattes et Crapaud
Anna Khmelevskaya / Animation / France / 10 min / 2013
“On that morning, the path of the blue pagoda was lit by the hot Indian sun.” On that particular day, the old and jealous toad decides to get rid of the centipede – the king of the forest.


Trois Petits Chats
Guy Delisle
gdelisle chez free.fr

Le Noyau de mangue
C. Productions Chromatiques
Elodie Henry
elodie chez chroma-tv.com

Betty Bone
bettybone chez wanadoo.fr

La Promenade d’un distrait
Emmanuel Feliu
emmanuel.feliu chez free.fr

Mille-Pattes et Crapaud
Mikhal Bak
+33 9 79 34 99 02
mikhal.bak chez gmail.com